Nougat Passion is a selection of nougat bars aimed to surprise and word delight. From classical taste to the most sophisticated palate, to intrigue even the most demanding.

  • Nougat Passion
    Nougat Passion

    From the classic line to pure chocolate, creams, fruit, nougat sticks with an unmistakable taste.

  • Nougat Pasticceria
    Nougat Pasticceria

    From Quaranta confectioners’ skillful research, unique recipes for ambitious pairings.

  • Mini Nougat Passion
    Mini Nougat Passion

    Luscious Nougat Passion taste in bite-size pieces created using traditional quaranta premium recipe.

  • Cigars

    A tasteful explosion of nougat with chocolate & hazelnuts: a sweet break lasting one hundred grams!

  • Sofficione

    For fans of tradition, soft nougat sticks in classic flavours.