26 Jan 2024

1924-2024 One Hundred Years of Passion for Nougat!

We are delighted to commemorate our centenary in the art of confectionery creation, with one of the highlights of our extensive history being none other than Nougat Passion®. As pioneers and fervent innovators, we embarked on a journey to bring forth this groundbreaking concept. Drawing inspiration from our founder Antonio Quaranta’s original recipe, we introduced a fresh and captivating take on nougat.

Our objective was clear: infuse genuine pastry creams, jams, cookies, and more with the irresistible softness of our nougat, all crafted with artisanal passion. This audacious endeavor resulted in the creation of Nougat Passion®, a truly distinctive and unforgettable product. But our innovation extended beyond the product itself.

Even our nougat packaging and presentation underwent a transformation, embracing an engaging, minimalist, and effective design ethos. This aesthetic evolution reflects the same passion and innovation that define our products.

A century of tradition and innovation: from the inaugural Quaranta recipe book to the present day

This anniversary holds special significance for us. It marks not only a century of tradition and dedication, but also a century of relentless innovation. Beginning in 1924, the Quaranta family’s journey has been one of crafting sweet delicacies synonymous with the confectionery traditions of Cremona and Bergamo. Founder Antonio Quaranta, alongside his wife Alzira, dedicated themselves to artisanal craftsmanship, producing delights such as cotton candy, brittle, and a distinctive nougat infused with carob honey.

From the inception of our laboratory recipe book, with its precise dosages and ingredients, to the present day where some recipes, like the timeless soft almond nougat recipe 101, remain unchanged after nearly a century!

2024 truly stands as a pivotal year, prompting reflection on our enduring legacy of sweetness and continuous innovation. We eagerly anticipate sharing our boundless enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to crafting nougats with unique recipes, poised to captivate for the next century and beyond!

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