The original recipe since 1924

More than 90 years of history have taught us that quality does not make compromises.

Our creation


We were the first and passionate creators of the Nougat Passion® concept: starting from the original recipe written in 1925 by the founder Antonio Quaranta we created a new and seductive idea of nougat: combine - with artisan passion - real pastry creams, jams, biscuits and much more to the cozy softness of our nougat.

Even the packaging and the presentation of these products has followed this intuition renewing itself in an attractive, minimal and effective guise.

Quaranta azienda storica



The nougat story of the Quaranta family begins in Caravaggio in 1924, birthplace of the famous painter Michalangelo Merisi, called “il Caravaggio”. It is almost a century of tradition and dedication.

The founder Antonio Quaranta, together with his wife Alzira, was a passionate artisanal producer of nougat and other typical, traditional sweets from Cremona and Bergamo, among which are candy floss, brittle and the special carob honey nougat. A small laboratory in the heart of Caravaggio was the place that gave birth to the recipe book bearing precise details on amounts and ingredients, some of which are still used in production nowadays: after almost 100 years, our original recipe 101 of the almond soft nougat has never changed!


Find out Quaranta’s story from its foundation to the present day.

  1. The founder, Antonio Quaranta, at the age of 15, writes his first recipe book, which is still a reference point for basic recipes.

  2. Antonio Quaranta and his wife Alzira sell nougat and other sweet specialties in their stall during a country fair

  3. Antonio buys a car, called "Aurea Facta", and builds himself a trailer to carry the nougat.

  4. The founder Antonio Quaranta riding his motorcycle “Astra

  5. Quaranta creates the first packaging for the nougat bar.

  6. The Company is taken over by its founder’s son: Enrico Quaranta who receives the prize “Città di Bergamo” 

  7. First attendance at MIAD food show in Torino  

  8. From the historical site of vicolo Matteotti in the heart of Caravaggio, production moves to the first factory in the new, industrial area of the town.

  9. Attendance at MIAD  food show in Milan

  10. Fabio e Massimo: grandsons of the founder Antonio Quaranta

  11. Enrico Quaranta and his wife Tina, visiting one of the first foreign customer in Germany 

  12. The “Sofficiona” cake was born: the first, original nougat cake ever presented on the market.

  13. The grandchildren of the founder Antonio Quaranta in one of the first advertising photoshoots 

  14. The company is gradually taken over by the brothers Fabio and Massimo Quaranta who bring fresh and innovative ideas still in line with tradition.

  15. Quaranta creates “Nougat Passion”: variegation of the dough with real patisserie creams, decorations with high quality raw materials and eye catching packaging. It’s the revolution in the nougat market.

  16. Prince Charles of England chooses Quaranta nougat for his shop at Highgrove House inside the royal residence.

  17. Dolce & Gabbana choose Quaranta brittle for their Christmas shop windows all over the world.

  18. Fabio and Massimo Quaranta: “our father had a strong personality, he has spent his life working hard and passed down his passion and spirit of sacrifice to us”


  19. A state-of-the-art factory is realized complying with the highest health and hygiene standards allowing us to guarantee the greatest quality of the finished product.

Prodotti di qualita

Our products are

  • palm oil free
  • gluten free
  • trans-fats free
  • artificial colourings free
  • employing barn eggs only

We are BRC and IFS certified at the highest rate as we want to guarantee that our products, processes, satff and every single stage of production is highly controlled and managed according to the most selective market standards. Our certification rating is the highest one that can be obtained.


Between tradition and innovation

Enrico Quaranta and his wife Tina Rezzolla were driven by the expertise gained throughout the story of the Company and brought it to the level of today's excellence of today, preserving the ancient memory and the peculiarity of artisanal specialty, exclusivity and finesse that make Quaranta's products so special.

The founder’s grandsons, Fabio and Massimo Quaranta, are now managing the Company following the highest hygiene and health quality standards, in a state-of-the-art new-generation facility where tradition meets innovation.

What differentiates us from our competitors are our machines which are identical to our old ones even though they are now computerized and able to mix ingredients in the right quantity. This means applying a traditional and artisanal method to technological instruments. Doing so, our nougat gets softer, foamy and rich, thus superior in quality. 

Our biggest competitive advantage is our strong passion which has been handed down from father to son for three generations, even four at present, as both Fabio and Massimo have two children: Mattia, Riccardo, Sofia and Nicolò. We have no doubt they are going to keep on renovating the family's tradition. 

Fabio and Massimo Quaranta

The Quaranta family nowadays. From left to right: Bruna, Fabio’s wife, with second-born Sofia, Fabio with first-born Mattia, Tina, Barbara, Massimo’s wife, with first-born Riccardo, Massimo with second-born Nicolò.

Certified excellence

Senza glutine
Gluten free
Gluten free
Palm oil free
Natural flavours
Natural flavours
Senza OGM
GMO free
Uova da galline allevate a terra
Barn eggs
Mandorle e nocciole intere
Whole almonds and hazelnuts
Morbidezza cremosità
Softness and creaminess
IFS Food BRC certification body
Our company is certified according to the highest quality standards.

Our father had a strong personality
and he lived his life working hard thus transmitting his passion and spirit of sacrifice to us.
We have to thank him for reaching such important goals.

Fabio and Massimo Quaranta

Download the book"La vita dolce"in PDF

Our values

6 Milions"/year
of 100g nougat bars produced According to the original recipe
900 KM/year
of nougat bars produced Uniquely since 1924
160000 Kg/year
of cakes produced With the very same passion
33 Recipes
unparalleled and unique Specialities for exclusive tastes
550000 KG/year
of nuts Pure and genuine raw materials
50 Countries
where we export A piece of italian history