26 Mar 2024

Centenary 2024 Innovations: Soft and Varied Quaranta Nougat Bars!

2024 marks a significant milestone for Dolciaria Quaranta as we celebrate our centenary with a wide range of new products ready to delight the taste buds of all sweet lovers!

Among this year’s many novelties, we’ve created individually wrapped soft nougat bars with pistachio and wild berries: a perfect blend of high-quality dried fruits and our renowned Nougat Passion® nougat. This fusion of softness and crunchiness offers an unparalleled taste experience.

The new nougat bars are available in two delicious flavor variations: choose between the soft nougat bars with pistachio pastry cream or indulge in the soft nougat bars with wild berry cream. Individually packaged in assorted single-flavor pouches, they’re perfect for meeting the new needs of consumers seeking sophisticated and genuine flavors.

Our eye-catching packaging has been specially designed to anticipate the harmony of flavors that characterizes each individual nougat bar, ensuring an elegant and inviting presentation.

An innovative retail proposal that raises consumer expectations

Created to meet the needs of the modern consumer, the new nougat bars embody the essence of our company philosophy, which always puts the needs and desires of consumers at the forefront. We’re proud to offer a product that combines tradition with innovation, catering to the demands of an increasingly discerning market oriented towards authentic and genuine flavors.

The new nougat bars represent the latest expression of our long confectionery tradition, which today gives life to a sweet suitable for all seasons, perfect for a tasty break or a moment of self-indulgence, always with quality in mind.

Our mission is to continue surprising our consumers with unique and innovative products, keeping our centenary tradition alive and always ensuring the highest quality in every single nougat bar.

Quaranta Nougat Passion® and all other Made in Italy confectionery products from Quaranta are available for wholesalers, large-scale distribution, and specialized retail outlets looking to bring to market a unique and innovative nougat that makes impulse buying its distinctive feature.

Inimitable… it’s Quaranta! 💫

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