20 Nov 2023

Gambero Rosso Celebrates Quaranta’s Soft Nougat

Gambero Rosso, renowned for its refined palate and stringent selection process, has bestowed its prestigious seal of approval upon a new confectionery masterpiece: Quaranta’s Soft Nougat with creme brûlée, exclusively created for the Lidl Deluxe line.

This is no ordinary sweet; it’s an extraordinary sensory experience that embodies artisanal craftsmanship and a commitment to the distinctive quality that characterizes Quaranta’s products. Born from the collaboration between Gambero Rosso’s culinary expertise and Quaranta’s traditional craftsmanship, this nougat is destined to become an icon of confectionery refinement, thanks to its softness, extraordinary fluffiness, and richness of flavors.

An authentic palate pleasure, our nougat, deeply rooted in the 1924 recipe, seamlessly combines taste and texture, bearing Quaranta’s signature.

The dedicated “Approved by Gambero Rosso” seal, exclusive to Lidl Italia, is tangible evidence of the quality and deliciousness of this sweet treat. This guarantee is reinforced by the approval of renowned chef and television presenter Andrea Lo Cicero!

Discover the acclaimed features highlighted by Gambero Rosso in this video 👉 Approvato da Gambero Rosso

A Century of Confectionery Excellence: The Story of Our Nougat

The story of Quaranta’s Nougat is a passion passed down through three generations, reaching the pinnacle of excellence and defining Quaranta’s products today.

Our Nougat saw the light of day in a small laboratory in Caravaggio, where Antonio Quaranta and his wife Alzira crafted traditional sweets from Bergamo and Cremona, including the famous nougat, brittle, and spun sugar.

After decades of dedication and research, a new confectionery delight was born: Nougat Passion®, made with hand-selected, top-quality raw materials. Starting from the basic recipe, still faithfully preserved after 100 years, we enriched the nougat with pastry creams, fresh fruit, chocolate, and jams, creating 33 different recipes capable of satisfying the most discerning palates.

At Quaranta, advertising relies on the product itself: it speaks for us, stimulating purchases and demonstrating its ability to meet the expectations it has generated.

For sales, we pay attention to packaging in terms of shape and color, maintaining transparent wrappers for all our nougats, thus highlighting the handmade decorations and craftsmanship of the product. Display choice is equally crucial, along with technical interventions on quality.

Thanks to these elements, our already beloved product has gained new ground in the market and received international recognition.

Truly Inimitable!

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