30 Mar 2023

Quaranta: grains and semi-finished products for pastry and ice cream shops


We like to transform our way we treat raw materials according to recipe in products always new designed to ensure quality at all times of consumption.

We have thus transformed our nougats, the crisps of our production and our caramelized fruit into grains and semi-finished products for pastry and ice cream shops: our raw materials with their craftsmanship will become decorations or inclusions of numerous recipes in the world of ice cream and pastry.

We produce quality products, putting all our commitment and passion from finding the best raw materials to formulating recipes in line with the people’s needs.

In an increasingly demanding market, we are constantly striving to achieve and mantain excellence, always in order to continuously improve.


All Quaranta products are 100% made in Italy, designed and manufactured in the Caravaggio-based company and available for wholesalers, large retailers, specialized retail.

They are intended worldwide for all operators in the confectionery sector who seek Gourmet and traditional products, suitable for all periods of the year.


Just traditional recipes and a selection of raw material for every market around the world

Quality is very important to us: to get confectionery products suitable for all palates and markets in the world, we devote a lot of attention to the selection of raw materials and the application of exclusive Italian recipes; the origin of the ingredients is traceable and the quality certified.

Furthermore, all Quaranta products are gluten-free, palm oil-free and made exclusively from eggs from hens growned in the field.


👉Find out more about our range of crunchy and dried praline fruit, nougats and confectionery products made from selected raw materials with an irresistible pastry creams, all of them strictly Made in Italy.

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