20 Feb 2024

Introducing the New Nuts Protein Bar, a Specialty by Quaranta!

A game-changer for fitness enthusiasts… and beyond!

Leveraging our century-long expertise and continuous quest to bring innovative products to the market, we’ve crafted a product that not only meets consumers’ needs but also aims to delight them.

In recent years, consumer trends have shifted towards fresher, healthier, and more diverse food choices. There’s a growing interest in healthy and natural eating habits, as well as environmental concerns, leading more people to seek plant-based protein foods to reduce their consumption of meat and its by-products.

Enter our new Nuts Protein Bars, crunchy protein bars packed with over 40% selected nuts, naturally rich in fiber, and 100% plant-based.

The high nut content provides a valuable source of plant-based protein, combined with low carbohydrates, making our new nuts an ideal snack anytime, especially for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

A Result of Market Research and Study

For Quaranta, creating a product tailored to consumer needs means understanding their tastes, lifestyles, and purchasing choices.

That’s why we’ve developed a protein bar that stands out from the crowd, made with only natural ingredients and plenty of nuts, without gluten or palm oil.

Our Nuts Protein Bars are available in two versions:

🍓 Strawberries, Hazelnuts, and White Chocolate

🍫 Peas, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate

Browse our Quaranta Goes NUTS Crunchy Snack catalog to discover all the packaging options, including multipack pouches of 4 servings of 30g, perfect for supermarkets, retail chains, highway stops, or to bring to the office or home.

Explore our catalog and replenish your retail outlets or satisfy your customers’ cravings with the unmistakable quality of our sweets.