05 Aug 2023

Nougat Rolls, a delicious and flavorful format

Pre-cut, portioned and individually packaged so that the consumer can appreciate the softness of our dough and the richness of our decorations.

The Nougat rolls, with the unmistakable texture of our famous soft dough, create a unique taste experience. The dough is handcrafted while still warm and incredibly soft, using the traditional paddle to shape it, and the filling is done manually, ensuring that each product preserves the characteristics of artisanal specialty that have always set us apart.

Tradition merges with innovation in a sweet treat that retains the ancient memory and maintains the characteristics of artisanal specialty that have always distinguished Quaranta products. In this way, our product has no equal: it is softer, fluffier and richer of superior quality.

An Enriching Format that Elevates the Ingredients with Its Abundant Filling

All our Nougats are made with carefully selected raw materials, without palm oil, using only eggs from ground-raised hens and no artificial colors. Similar to all Quaranta products, our rolls are gluten-free, prioritizing quality and authenticity, just as they have always been.

Our rolls are divided into 15 pre-cut 100g slices, individually packaged to maintain freshness and fragrance at their best. The format allows you to distinguish the variegation made with real pastry creams, creating a delightful and unique contrast of flavors combined with the enveloping taste of our Nougat

Available in 4 taste variations:

– Chocolate with dark chocolate chips

– Wild berries and white chocolate

– Amaretti cookies and white chocolate

– Pistachio and white chocolate

The result of the commitment and passion we put into every phase, from material selection to production, is a 100% Made in Italy confectionery product with a level of quality that exceeds all expectations.

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