28 Feb 2023

Our present is inspired by our past, to create recipes that nourish the future


A dessert that preserves the ancient memory and maintains the characters of artisan specialties, exclusivity and refinement that have always distinguished the Quaranta products.

A story of passion, tradition and craftsmanship, but also of innovation and change: thanks to our experience and continuous research we create products thinking of the needs of the consumers… with the aim of surprising them.

Behind our quality products, there is our constant commitment that starts from the search for the best raw materials to the formulation of recipes in line with people’s needs. We constantly work to bring innovative and inimitable products to our customers’ shelves, and we pursue the goal of continuous improvement.

We are not only able to offer an excellent product, but we constantly work to maintain and improve it, to have a unique and inimitable product.

Our goal is to guarantee consumers’ products that stand out for their quality, that are innovative and up to date with the times but also capable of awakening happy memories of the Italian tradition.

Unusual shapes amaze the eyes, enveloping softness surprises the palate

Cubes, bars, rolls and slices are just some of the many nougat formats produced by Quaranta, the result of a continuous study of the market with the aim of constantly enriching our proposal of new products, able to surprise consumers and meet their taste.

Starting from the original recipe of the founder Antonio Quaranta, today we produce more than 30 types of nougat: from classic flavors more linked to tradition, such as almond, up to more gourmet and Italian tastes, such as tiramisu.

For this reason, it is a dessert suitable for any time of the year: for example, our cubes, thanks to the unpublished format and the special wrapping, are a refined and original gift idea for Easter.

We were able to rewrite the history of nougat and create a product that is not only destined for the Christmas season, but is an ideal dessert throughout the year.

Soft, varied and rich, superior quality, Nougat Passion®, the inimitable Quaranta nougat has managed to conquer the foreign market and to be loved by a younger consumer audience.

👉Truly inimitable!

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