12 Dec 2022

More than just nougat: “Nougat Passion” marks a revolution on the market, immediately appreciated among the excellent confectionery


The history of Torrone Quaranta was born in 1924: a recipe book with indications of dosages and ingredients that, after almost 100 years, is still our reference in the production of our nougat. As a testimony to the strong link with tradition, we are faithful to our roots and perpetuate the history of the Quaranta family.

A tradition that continues to be renewed: we have abandoned the old idea of nougat, becoming the real and first creators of the concept of Nougat Passion. Starting from the original recipe written in 1925 by the founder Antonio Quaranta, we created a new idea of nougat, combining real pastry creams, fruit and chocolate, to the enveloping softness of our nougat.

A ‘new’ traditional product, soon becoming a reference for the market and its consumers, thanks to our unique way of working the material.

Our Nougat Passion has been able to appeal to young consumers from different countries around the world and proved to be a great success. Thanks to the extremely soft texture and a modern combination of tastes and flavors, consumers from over 50 countries around the world have discovered a confectionery product that can be enjoyed all year round, suitable for any time of consumption. 

The favourite dessert of the Christmas season, nougat with creams and fruits, is a dessert for the whole year, eaten on various occasions. Refined tastes, complex, pleasant in the mouth; a perfect dessert to surprise your guests with a product which brings tradition and expertise to the table.

The Quaranta Nougat Passion ® is also innovative in its forms: slices, rolls, bars and cubes are cut to enhance the flavours and raw materials used in the processing.

Inimitable, also in quality: handmade and certified confectionery products

Our Nougat Passion ®  is a good and genuine confectionery product, made only with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality: selected honey, crispy almonds toasted at the moment, caramelized sugar and egg whites.We work constantly to have a unique and inimitable product.

Since 2015, our head office has been in a modern factory built to the highest sanitary standards, for a finished product that brings together the entire tradition of our skillful processing. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring a better standard than the large industrial production: the raw materials we use are carefully selected and must meet strict and defined quality standards; craftsmanship requires time and manual intervention on each product. 


We have voluntarily obtained the BRC and IFS quality certifications, to ensure the consumer that the products processes, people and every single stage of the production are highly controlled and managed according to the most selective standards of the market; our certification rating is the highest you can get.

Our choices involve hard work and ongoing commitment, but our passion allows us to always pursue new goals, with the constant desire to offer consumers quality without equals or compromises.


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