Through 90 years of history we learned that Quality doesn’t compromise.


The company Industria Dolciaria Quaranta, located in Caravaggio 40 km from Milan,(northern Italy), has produced nougats, nuts brittle, lollipops and several more sweet goodies ever since 1924. All our products are proudly Italian and manufactured in Caravaggio, Italy. Antonio Quaranta’s passion for the confectionery led him to start the company, and was later wisely conveyed from one generation to the next, up to nowadays. All our products are gluten free and do not contain GMO, hydrogenated vegetal fats and artificial azo colourings.

torta sofficiona

torta sofficiona             

Sofficiona is the original soft nougat cake. A sweet moment with a round and intriguing taste. As in Quaranta’s best tradition, Sofficiona can be discovered in a wide variety of recipes: pastry creams, pure chocolate, fruit jams. Now you can find Sofficiona also by the slice or in roll.

torrone - nougat passion

Nougat Passion is the ultimate in creativity and taste. Soft nougat bars, flavoured in an artistic range of 15 different recipes: exotic fruit, finest chocolate, country berries, citrus fruits creams. Genuine products combined with a flair of genius, to surprise even the most demanding customers.


Sofficione is the soft nougat prepared with the best walnuts, Italian hazelnuts, strictly selected exotic fruit, finest chocolate and crispy almonds, for a product that revisits the tradition.


A dessert recipe from the old time, dating back to the 13th century, proposed by following the simplicity of each step of its preparation, to bring back the sweet memories of ancient flavours.

lecca lecca

Entirely hand-made in Italy, like all of our products they do not contain nitrogenous colourings. Quaranta lollipops are a complete range of shapes and bright colours, 100% made in Italy.