27 May 2024

Dolciaria Quaranta: Celebrating Our Centenary with Unstoppable Passion!

PRODOTTI DOLCIARItorrone quaranta

Our first 100 years mark a milestone worth celebrating!

Just a few days ago, we organized a special company tour for our clients, inviting them to share a part of our journey and the passion that has distinguished us for three generations. After a guided tour of our laboratory and a presentation of the original tools and equipment that have accompanied our company’s history from the days of the Caravaggio laboratory to the present, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of Quaranta’s production. 💫

Here, they were able to get their hands dirty in a laboratory experience where they made Nougat Passion® cakes with the warm nougat from our nougat presses and fruit to be placed ‘by hand’ on
the dough.

It may seem easy, but it’s an art that requires skill and craftsmanship, as well as expertise in processing… congratulations to those who accepted the challenge of engaging in nougat production!

100 years in the art of confectionery creation

We have been the pioneers and passionate creators of Nougat Passion®: starting from the original recipe no. 101, from our founder, Antonio Quaranta, we have given life to a new and seductive idea of Torrone.

Our mission has always been clear: to combine, with the enveloping softness of our nougat, real pastry creams, jams, fruits, and selected ingredients, to create a unique and high-quality sweet.

The packaging and presentation of our nougats have been influenced by the same intuition: to ‘taste’ the flavor through the eyes.

Inimitable… it’s Quaranta!

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