27 Jan 2023

In 1924 nougat changed: soft and foamy, qualitatively superior.


A history of passion and expertise, born in a small workshop in the heart of the historical center of Caravaggio, thanks to the founder Antonio Quaranta.

Thus begins the story of the nougat of the  Quaranta family, with a recipe book written in 1924 that is still the main reference for all our recipes: Antonio Quaranta left us the precise indication of dosages and ingredients, thanks to which some of the original nougats are still in production today, after almost 100 years.

Why do we define our confectionery product ‘Inimitable’? Because you can’t replicate the strong passion transmitted from father to son for three generations, combined with the experience gained in over 90 years of history. The result is a 100% Italian-made confectionery product, with a level of quality that exceeds all expectations.

Our strength is our connection to the tradition that sets us apart and makes us proud. Since 2015, our headquarters are in a modern factory built according to the highest health standards, but still in Caravaggio, the place where Torrone Quaranta was born; for an innovative and quality product, which brings together the entire tradition of our skilled processing. 

The tradition is combined with the innovation also in the machines: the manufacturers of copper nougats as before but the controlled processes for the dosage of the ingredients, the processing times and the guarantee of absolute quality. All our machines are the same as those of the past but computerized and able to mix the ingredients in the right dosages: it is the application of a traditional and heritage method through technological tools.

As a result, our product has no equal: it is smoother, foamy and rich, of high quality.

Quaranta, from a workshop in Caravaggio to an international market.

In 2022, Industria Dolciaria Quaranta, specialized in nougat production and crunchy since 1924, was recognized as an Italian excellence.We received recognition from the institutions, Region Lombardy and Confimi, who visited us in our factory, with their most senior representatives. An important recognition for those like us who have been doing business for generations, with great products for every country in the world.

The attention and passion we devote to our work will continue to guide us in supporting Made in Italy worldwide. We began to market our products overseas through industry fairs and events, which immediately gave us very positive feedback. Today, over 70% of our production is destined for the foreign market and our products are found in Europe, Australia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Canada.

Our confectionery products have become so famous that they have had the honour of being present in a shop of the Highgrove House, one of the residences of King Charles III of England. 
We are proud of the opportunities and prestige that our company continues to develop and we are conscious that our products are now appreciated throughout the world. .

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