29 Apr 2024

Dolciaria Quaranta: a century of passion passed down through three generations

Our journey began in the heart of Caravaggio, where our founder, Antonio Quaranta, penned his first recipe book at the age of 15. This text still serves as a cornerstone for our fundamental recipes.

Today, three generations later, the founder’s grandchildren continue the family business, preserving ancient traditions and upholding the craftsmanship, exclusivity, and sophistication that have always distinguished Quaranta products.

Our roots are deeply tied to the Italian territory; our creations proudly boast a 100% Made In Italy label, the result of merging tradition and innovation. Our relentless pursuit of new flavors and experimentation with high-quality ingredients led to the creation of Nougat Passion®, an innovative concept that combines our soft nougat with authentic pastry creams, chocolates, dried and fresh fruits.

A century of history teaches us that quality does not compromise. We will continue to work to surprise consumers with new products that keep the company in line with contemporary food market trends.

Our competitive advantage lies in our enduring passion, passed down through three generations.

100 years of evolution: Quaranta’s certified excellence

We guarantee the highest quality and hygiene standards in a state-of-the-art facility where tradition merges with innovation.

Quality is non-negotiable for us: we are committed to constantly offering the best to our consumers. That’s why our BRC and IFS quality certifications are voluntary: obtained because we ensure that products, processes, personnel, and every production phase are rigorously monitored and managed according to the highest market standards. Our certification rating is the highest achievable.

Unrivaled… it’s Quaranta! 💫

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