27 Nov 2022

Tradition and innovation combine to create successful products: the “Torta Sofficiona®” Quaranta is a unique confectionery product enjoyed by consumers around the world


Only ingredients 100% natural and of the highest quality, such as selected honey, crunchy and freshly roasted dried fruit as well as egg whites.

A dessert that preserves the ancient memory and maintains the characteristics of artisan specialties, exclusivity and refinement that have always distinguished Quaranta products.

Tradition and innovation are brought together. This is how our specialty “Torta Sofficiona®”, a unique dessert, was born. We make a nougat of an irresistible softness emphasized by the shape of the cake.

To the softness of the dough, foamy and light creams of pastry are added creating the unmistakable variegation, recognizable on the shelf and desired by the consumer. Crispy, freshly roasted dried fruits combine with the sweet, wrap-around texture of nougat. Smooth and crunchy blend while maintaining their separate textures, making you perceive in the mouth a first soft effect of nougat cream and a second crunchy one of dried fruit, kept whole to preserve the aroma.

The sales formats of the Sofficiona® Nougat Cake are visible in our catalog, in assorted and single packages.

The Mini-Torte, 20 slices of 110g, designed for Cafè, grocery stores and cash&carry, ideal for “on the go” consumption. The assorted packages are divided into fruit flavors (lemon, strawberry, black cherry, berries) and creams and chocolate (chocolate, almonds, amaretto, cocoa). The single-taste packages are the same, with the addition of pistachio.

The classic Sofficiona® format, 20 slices of 165g, designed for the stalls of fairs and markets, have become iconic in shops aimed at tourists and in all sales channels that want to enhance and emphasize a new concept of nougat. The entire cake can be an original idea to give or as a dessert to offer guests.

We also thought of the Dessert cake, whose lower and more regular shape resembles that of cheesecake, with slices of 120g to taste: chocolate and pears; dark chocolate and almond flakes; raspberries and white chocolate. The three-storey inclined display is ideal for sale in grocery stores, cafè and tobacconists.

The box of 4 pieces of 600g cakes is ideal for large retailers and supermarkets and is available in three variants: chocolate, exotic fruit and berries. The three-storey gold dispenser makes it possible to give good visibility to all variants of taste.

[As a result of our creativity and ability to create trendy products in the confectionery industry, Torta Sofficiona® with the tipical slice, allows you to highlight all the ingredients, even when exposed on the shelf.] The good balance of the ingredients in the mouth is enhanced by the clean cut in slices that highlights the variety of creams and dried fruits in the dough.

All Quaranta products are distributed through traditional sales channels for confectionery and gastronomic products, Made in Italy. The Sofficiona® Nougat Cake is also distributed by importers, retailers and wholesalers of quality food and confectionery products to more than 55 countries worldwide.


Quaranta products are the outcome of careful and respectful know-how

Our experience has enabled us to reach the level of excellence of today, but we work tirelessly to maintain it and have a unique and inimitable product. The paste is extracted by hand still hot and mellow from the torroniera using the traditional shovel.

The Sofficiona® cake, in particular, is obtained through the manual processing of the dough that is first shaped and then decorated by hand. The decorations are selected individually by experienced operators, based on size and consistency and placed one by one on the dough to ensure the best balance of flavors.

The right balance of the ingredients in the mouth is enhanced by the clean cut to slice, the dried fruit in the dough and the amount of extra cream variegation compared to other formats.

Our competitive advantage is our strong passion that has been handed down from father to son for three generations. The result is a 100% Italian confectionary product, with a level of quality that goes beyond all expectations.

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