29 Aug 2022

Classic nougat Quaranta history inspires the irresistible Nougat Passion taste on wholesale in Italy and abroad

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History said that the first nougat was invented by the Arabs and later spread to Italy.

A few old documents written by Tito Livio’s, who was a satirical writer, already spoke about nougat as a perfect, full-flavored and easily preserved sweet. It was created between 1200 and 1300 and we started producing it, since 1925 with the  historical founder Antonio Quaranta’s recipe and innovating it with a new irresistible version called Quaranta Nougat Passion. 

We were the creator of the soft variegated nougat Quaranta Nougat Passion ®. A gluten-free nougat, decorated with high quality raw materials and variegated with irresistible pastry creams, all Made in Italy. Nougat Passion is produced with selected prime materials, without palm oil, using only eggs from earth-farmed hens, and without artificial colourings. We pay great attention to the aesthetic aspect, which transfers the quality of the used raw materials and we make them visible through the packaging. The sale and import of Quaranta Nougat Passion ®, of all Quaranta soft nougats and all other products is available at wholesale in Italy and Europe.

From classic nougat Quaranta to Nougat Passion ® with pastry cream

A lot of irresistible nougat recipes, the Nougat Passion® is a real revolution compared to classic soft nougat. We invented it starting from the soft classic nougat Quaranta recipe, going on to create the first Nougat Passion variegated with different pastry creams, from classic chocolate, to berries, and then producing italian nougat with an extraordinary variety of ingredients such as Belgian chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios.

Discover Quaranta ® Nougat Passion line flavours in all their varieties

Produced at the Caravaggio site in Bergamo, Italy, nougat product called Quaranta Nougat Passion ® is an Italian sweet that renews its history by taking on unique shapes and flavours in extraordinary flavours. From nougats made with pastry creams and classic ingredients such as almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, to the creations with rum and chocolate or orange peel mixed with dark chocolate. And not to disappoint fruit candy lovers, there is also the version of Nougat Passion ® with lemon, wild berries, exotic fruits, strawberry and sour cherry.

Quaranta confectionery products are appreciated all over the world precisely because of their eye-catching packaging and the innumerable variety of flavours, which are perfect not only for the Christmas season, but also for any time of the year, with special versions for Easter. Quaranta soft nougat is recommended for those who want to taste a soft and enveloping sweet, with an explosion of flavours and tastes.

Discover the dedicated catalogue to wholesalers for the Italian market

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