20 Oct 2023

Nougat Passion®: Beyond the Traditional Notion of Nougat

Our nougat is truly unique, a result of nearly a century of experience in sweet production and a passion passed down through three generations in the Quaranta family. The dough for our nougat is meticulously crafted following the original 1924 recipe. Enriched with a balanced mix of whole toasted almonds and hazelnuts, each step of the production is an authentic expression of craftsmanship. The texture is soft and creamy, enhanced by genuine pastry creams that provide a uniform and enveloping variegation.


Our nougat is artisanally produced; each bar is unique, hand-decorated with candied fruits and selected dried fruits by expert operators based on caliber and consistency. The fruit is placed in the dough and decor with a manual process to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the raw materials. The high-quality Belgian chocolate in the decoration follows the thread method: poured hot, still warm, by hand onto the dough, using traditional pastry whisks.


These peculiarities make it a nougat completely different from classic or industrial nougat, becoming a product detached from specific occasions but suitable for regular consumption. Thanks to the handmade decorations visible through our transparent packaging, showcasing the craftsmanship of the product, our Nougat Passion® is a product with great allure, purchased on impulse, and repurchased for its unmatched goodness.

Dolciaria Quaranta at Anuga: A Glimpse into the International Scene


From October 7 to 11, we participated in the Anuga fair 2023, the world-leading trade fair for food and beverages, an unmissable event for Dolciaria Quaranta. A dynamic and diversified fair that brings together the largest international community in the sector, generating a positive spirit of optimism and offering a comprehensive overview of all industry trends and international changes.


This year, the participation levels were exceptionally high: 140,000 visitors from 200 countries and about 7,900 exhibitors from 118 nations. The world’s leading fair exceeded all expectations. We are delighted to have participated and met customers and suppliers enthusiastic about the innovations we presented, getting ready to celebrate with us as our Nougat Passion® approaches its 💯th anniversary!


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