28 Oct 2022

Quaranta produces confectionery products developed for the consumer market, thanks to the experience of almost 100 years of production lived with passion for confectionery products


Thanks to our experience and continuous research, we create products with the needs of consumers in mind, with the aim to surprise them.

We study the market to bring innovative and inimitable products  to the shelves of our customers.

This is how the Quaranta Nuts were born: a healthy bar that does not compromise on taste, made with few natural ingredients. Without gluten and palm oil free and with more than 40% of dried fruit selected by us, the Nuts bars are the ideal snack and a tasty source of fiber, available in three flavours: hazelnut, cashew and candied pear; almond, raisin and dark chocolate; red fruit, almond and dark chocolate.

In our catalog you can see the multipack box packs of 4 servings of 30 g, ideal for supermarkets, large distribution retail, motorways service areas, designed to take to the office or home. The display format of 25 single-dose snacks, in three taste variants, designed for bars and tobacconists, grocery stores and cash&carry, ideal for “on the go” consumption.For Quaranta, studying the product suitable for the consumer market means thinking about the needs of consumers, knowing their tastes, lifestyle habits and purchasing choices.

The sales channels of the Quaranta Nuts are many: we have fulfilled the need for retailers to present a product with the right packaging, information on quality, immediate purchase and availability in the choice of different flavours, key components of consumer satisfaction. Thanks to these attentions, today the Nuts are available in Italy and abroad in the following sales channel: Major Multiples, Cafes, Gourmet Stores and Grocery Stores.

All Quaranta products, including the new products, are distributed  through the traditional channels of sale of confectionery and gourmet products, Made in Italy and made according to ancient traditions. They are distributed by importers, retailers and wholesalers of quality food and confectionery.

Our ability to create new products and respond to market trends is not limited to production made strictly with selected raw materials. We combine creativity and innovation with a focus on the customer marketplace, enabling us to create successful products.


Certified excellence of Quaranta products: voluntary certifications and the choice to include only and exclusively selected raw materials


The company Quaranta is certified according to the most qualified international standards related to quality and food safety BRC and IFS that cover the entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product. Industria Dolciaria Quaranta voluntarily adheres to these quality standards in the unannounced audit regime: it means that our company is periodically checked with random and non- planned audits.

The result of the ability to combine the study of new products for the market and the certified quality of processes and ingredients, is a confectionery product entirely developed and produced in Italy, with a level of quality that exceeds all expectations.

In addition to certifications, to obtain confectionery products suitable for all palates and markets around the world, we dedicate ourselves to the selection of raw materials and the application of exclusive Italian recipes, where the origin of the ingredients is not less important than their quality.

All Quaranta products, in fact, are: gluten-free, without palm oil, processed with natural flavours only, made with natural dyes only, produced exclusively with barn eggs.

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