26 Sep 2022

Quaranta creates Florentine’s: crispy puff pastry and chocolate Gourmet snacks, an exclusive Italian production at Caravaggio


Florentine’s have a short history, but they contain all the artisan wisdom in the processing of the brittle that only a historical producer like Quaranta can boast.

From the raw material to the processing, Florentine are an exclusive and unique product that Industria Dolciaria Quaranta distributes in the Italian market, in large-scale distribution, in the best grocery shops and wholesale. Florentine pastries have also won over foreign markets for their extremely rich taste, irresistible decorations and their particularly palatable fragrance.

The crispy pastry sheetscovered with fine raw materials are produced by Quaranta in Caravaggio, where Antonio Quaranta started the crispy pastry and nougat production, which began at the start of the last century.

Thin sheets of crunchy nougat, decorated with dried fruit, raspberries, French salted caramel and covered with the finest chocolate. They are portioned desserts with flavours of a thousand nuances, able to conquer even the most demanding palates and satisfy the need of those who do not want to renounce to a sweet, tasty and sophisticated pleasure. They are a range of snacks with a heart of fragrant pastry that stand out from other confectionery products for their undeniable goodness, right from the first bite.

Crispy Florentines produced exclusively by Quaranta, a confectionery company that also sells in wholesale and abroad, are available in four exclusive versions. They are crunchy thin sheets covered in dark chocolate or white chocolate and decorated with a shower of selected sprinkles including hazelnuts, pistachios, raspberries and French salted caramel.

Florentine Quaranta, thin sheets of crispy: available in the pouch and exhibitor version

A product that makes everyone agree with a combination of unique flavours. Sweet snacks with a contemporary design that blends the creamy texture of chocolate with the fragrance of crispy puff pastry.

Florentines are a product of excellence, that is why Quaranta decided to create a special packaging for the sweet snacks that can be eaten in any season of the year. In the catalogue it is easy to see the elegant and refined style of the box packaging, made up of 3 single portions, ideal for shops, supermarkets, large retailers and highways; the exhibitor version, with single-serving snacks of sweet pastry designed for coffee bars and tobacconists and cash & carry.

Quaranta: wholesale distributor of confectionery products and variegated nougat

The Quaranta company was founded in 1925, and has been producing variegated nougats ever since. It is a wholesale distributor of high quality confectionery products with a wholesale and confectionery outlet based in Caravaggio and excels for the quality and taste of its original recipes, which are the result of combinations born from the use and selection of top quality ingredients.

Here, over the years, tradition has been transformed while preserving  history and developing innovative ideas with the aim of proposing new and tasty confectionery products, such as the sweet puffs, the Nougat Passion sweet and nougat Quaranta blocks.

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